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Meritxell Neddermann

Rhythm and melodies run through MERITXELL NEDDERMANN's veins with heightened sensitivity like few others. On her début album, In the Backyard of the Castle (Halley Records, 2020), her versatility and skill on both piano and vocals distil the sound to find her own, intimate and ethereal sound, clearly marked by the mixture of genres - classical music, jazz, funky and indie - experimenting with loops, pedals and vocoder. Her sonority and talent surprise us once again on her second album, Suelta (Halley Records, 2023).


name: Meritxell Neddermann
genre: Indie

Meritxell Neddermann: vocals and keyboards

Kevin Díaz: keyboards and bass

Josep Munar: guitar and bass

Borja Barrueta: drums


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