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The Tyets

THE TYETS are the band of the moment in Catalonia. With the release of their album Èpic Solete (Luup Records, 2023), the group from Mataró has made it to the top of all the charts. They are the first group to exceed 700,000 monthly Spotify listeners in Catalan. They have made the top charts in Catalonia and Spain, and their concerts sell out in hours. Overall, their single "Coti X Coti", combining Reggaeton and Sardana, has become one of the most successful songs in recent years in Catalonia and has gone viral in Spain.  


name: The Tyets
genre: Pop-Urban

Oriol de Ramon: voice and guitar

Xavier Coca: vocals and guitar

Pau Samper: drums

Pau Ruz: guitar

Pau Calero: keyboards and synthesizers


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