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35th Mercat de Música Viva de Vic

According to the Spanish Real Decreto Ley 13/2012, 30 May, which regulates the use of cookies in the provision of electronical communications, we inform you about the cookies that are used in this website of ORGANISME AUTÒNOM DE FIRES I MERCATS (from now on, “OFIM”) and the purpose of its use.

What are cookies and why does our website use them?
A cookie is a file which is downloaded to the user’s device when they access to certain websites which store and retrieve information about the browsing activity on their computer.
Among other things, cookies allow this website to store and retrieve information about the user’s decisions and habits. Cookies on this website are necessary for it to function.
It is important to take into account that the use of cookies doesn’t provide access to the user’s personal data.

Which type of cookies does the website use?
The cookies used by this website are first-party and third-party cookies. This cookies allow us to store and access to information related to the language, the type of searcher used, and other characteristics generally predetermined by the user. We can also track and analyse the users’ activity to improve our services in an efficient and personalized way. OFIM doesn’t use advertising or behavioural cookies.
The use of cookies provides a wide range of advantages in provision of services of the society of information. For instance: (i) helps the user to navigate in the website and to access to different services which it offers, (ii) avoids the user configuring general characteristics which are predetermined every time the user enters into the website, (iii) improves the functioning and the services provided by the website as a result of a previous analysis of the information obtained by the cookies installed.

OFIM uses in its website the following cookies:






Saves the acceptance of the cookie banner by the user.

1 year


Cookie generated by applications based on PHP language. It’s a general purpose identifier used to maintain the variables of the user’s session.



This cookies are associated with the social exchange widget AddThis, which is imbedded within the websites for the visitors to share contents with a wide range of platforms and shared resources.

1 year


This cookie is associated with the social media widget AddThis, which is commonly integrated in the websites to allow visitors sharing content and a range of media and platforms for sharing.

1 day


It’s a cookie from Google. This cookie keeps a register of the number of times that a user has been in this place and when did the user enter for the first and the last time.

2 years


It’s a cookie from Google. This cookie helps to calculate how much time the visit of a user lasted and stores the moment in which the user entered.

1 day


It’s a cookie from Google. This cookie helps to calculate how much time the visit of a user lasted and stores the moment in which the user left the website.



This cookie is configured by Google Analytics. According to its documentation, it is used to regulate the tax of the request of the service, which limits the recompilation of data in very traffic places.

10 min


It’s a cookie from Google. This cookie maintains a tracking of the place which the visitor comes from. It also tracks which search engine was used, which link the visitor clicks, which key words uses and from which place of the world did the visitor enter to the website.

6 months


Registers a unique identification in portable devices to permit the tracking according to the geographical location by GPS.



Registers a unique identification used by Google to maintain statistics about how does the visitor use YouTube videos in different websites.

8 months


Tries to calculate the bandwidth of the user in pages which integrate YouTube videos.

6 months


Registers a unique identification to maintain statistics of which YouTube videos has the user seen.



For further information about cookies of Google you can address this website:

AddThis cookies: is a technological company which allows websites and their users to easily share its content with others by exchange icons and social bookmarking destinations. AddThis cookies are used with the purpose of enabling the content for it to be shared. AddThis is also used to gather information about how the website content is shared. Cookies help to identify a user in a unique way –even though not in a personal way but by an address- to avoid repeating tasks in a concrete period of time.

The user can adjust the settings in their browser so as not to accept the use of cookies, in which case the user would not have a customized browsing experience. Choosing this setting may result in certain parts of the website not being accessible, as this may cause less effective browsing.

Most browsers currently allow the user to choose whether they want to accept cookies and which types. These settings are usually found in the "settings" or "preferences" in your browser's menu.

These are the instructions to change the cookie settings in the main browsers: 

Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Content settings.  For more information, ask Google support or click Help in the browser.  

Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom settings. For more information, ask Mozilla support or click Help in the browser. 

Internet Explorer
: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings. For more information, ask Microsoft support or click Help in the browser. 

(Ipad and Iphone): Preferences -> Security. For more information, ask Apple support or click Help in the browser. 

: Settings -> Options -> Advanced à Cookies. For more information:

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