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Los Mambo Jambo Arkestra

LOS MAMBO JAMBO ARKESTRA is the name of the extended line-up with 12 other musicians of the Los Mambo Jambo instrumental quartet. The members of this Barcelona group, Dani Nel·lo, Dani Baraldés, Ivan Kovasevic and Anton Jarl, created it in 2019 to celebrate their tenth anniversary. Four years later, they have reunited to record a new album, El Gran Ciclón (Buenritmo, 2023), a hurricane of rock and roll, swing, jazz and surf.  


name: Los Mambo Jambo Arkestra
genre: Rock-and-roll, swing, instrumental jazz

 Dani Nel·lo: Saxophone

Daniel Baraldés: guitar

Ivan Kovasevic: double bass

Anton Jarl: drums

Héctor Marín: guitar

Dusanka Miscevico: saxophone

Pocha Ignesi: saxophone

Pol Prats: saxophone

Nil Mujal: saxophone

Pere Miró: saxophone

Victor Veges: trumpet

Miguel Berenguer: trombone

Jaume Torné: trumpet

Luis Figuerola: trumpet

Samuel Marthe: trombone

Aram Montagud: trombone


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