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LaboratoriA is a pioneering project in the feminist interpretation of flamenco. The company which is made up of five women, was founded in 2017 in Barcelona and is a laboratory for artistic experimentation to deconstruct the gender roles linked to flamenco. Their work brings together elements like performance, singing, dance, guitar and technology. They have presented three shows: Una mujer fue la causa (2017), Y perdí mi centro (2020) and LaboratoriA (2022). In 2023 they are presenting Qué quiere la niña.    MMVV coproduction  


name: LaboratoriA

Aina Núñez: dance, choreography, vocals, direction

Marina Paje: dance, choreography, vocals

Cristina López: vocals, electronic production, composition, direction 

Ana Brenes: vocals, composition

Isabelle Laudenbach: guitar, composition, vocals, direction



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