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Dan Peralbo i El Comboi

Cosa Fina (The Yellow Gate Records, 2023) is the new record by DAN PERALBO I EL COMBOI. A group like the ones from before. Amusing lyrics but with a profound background. A little wink. A sting in the skin or a while in heaven. A unique sound on the Catalan music scene. They do not lie to you. They sound like that, they are like that. There have no great productions or make up. The group shows itself in the most natural way. Its members will go to hell, but putting on a saintly face and that of good boys. Like a tall glass of ratafia in Heliogabalus style. From the country and the city, both at the same time.


stage: Plaça Major Vera
day: September 15th 2023
hour: 21:00
price: Free

name: Dan Peralbo i El Comboi
genre: Rock

Dan: vocals and guitar

Ret: vocals and guitar

Pol: double bass

Jimmy: drums

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