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36th Mercat de Música Viva de Vic

MMVV 23, a commitment to sustainability

In recent years, the Mercat de Música has worked to improve various aspects related to environmental, economic and social sustainability. We now want to take a step forward by making a commitment to identify and bring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) closer to the whole project in order to drive initiatives that promote sustainability in all its areas.

The SDGs require all of us to work together to build a better world in which everyone has the same opportunities and where special attention is paid to caring for the planet. We are aware that we still have many challenges to achieve but we know that the path of sustainability is the only way forward.


Health and well-being
Ensuring a healthy life and promoting the well-being of all age groups


- The concert spaces and the professional area are cardio-insured spaces.
- We are working to create alliances with the International Foundation Health & Music to improve people's health and well-being.


Quality Education
Ensure inclusive, quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for everyone


- Interns are hired for different organizational tasks and event development.
- Workers are provided with training.
- During the Market, conferences and talks are held to diffuse content.
- Collaboration with training centres such as UVIC, ESMUC, Taller de Músics, Liceu or UB.


Gender equality
Achieve gender equality and empower women and girls


- We have set up the Punt lila service during the concerts to prevent harassment and raise awareness.
- Gender parity in programmes and teams.
- Inclusive language in all communications.
- Specific presentations or workshops on womanhood.
- MIM: MV is an active member of the association Mujeres de la Indústria de la Música.
- Keychange: MV is part of the Creative Europe programme with the aim of promoting the presence of gender minorities in the music industry.
- Groups with discriminatory lyrics are not programmed.


Clean and sanitized water
Ensure the availability of water, its sustainable management and sanitation for everyone


- An agreement has been reached with the city's water supplier to make more public fountains available during the event.
- Bottled water is not supplied to artists and technicians.


Clean and affordable energy
Guarantee the access to affordable, safe, sustainable and modern energy


- The public energy network uses green energy.
- For small stages, the use of electric batteries is encouraged.
- The venue staging most of the professional part, the Centre d'Arts Escèniques l'Atlàntida, uses green energy in all of its rooms and stages.


Dignified work and economic growth
Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and dignified work for all


- The MV promotes and drives the music sector.
- It is verified that all the contracted exhibitors have supplied documentation regarding working conditions.
- New growing sectors are being promoted.
- Quality staff recruitment and without the use of agencies.
- Alliances between different Autonomous Communities and countries.
- Member of ADIMI: Association for the development of the Ibero - American music industry.
- The professional programme is co-organized with sectoral entities which promotes global discourse.
- Member of FWMF: Association of international world music festivals.
- Member of the Network of Theatres, Auditoriums, Circuits and Festivals and Acadèmia Catalana de la Música, among other entities promoting the music sector.
- We work with local suppliers.


Industry, innovation and infrastructures
Resilient infrastructures, promote sustainable industrialization and encourage innovation


- Wi-Fi access in all areas of the Market.
- Use of the App to diffuse content and information.
- General website constantly updated.
- Computerized capacity control.
- Reduction of paper. There are no handout programmes and the use of the App is enhanced.
- There is a specific area where small presentations of success stories with a great power of attraction are carried out (pitchings).
- Digital content in the pro area of the Market.


Reduce inequalities
Social, economic and political inclusion by creating bonds and breaking down barriers of age, gender, class, abilities, language of origin or sexual orientation.


- Translation of some concerts into sign language.
- Accessibility to the stages (ramps) for people with reduced mobility.
- Disabled toilets.
- Discounts for groups: (young people, large families, over 65s, 50% discount for entities).
- Staff will be hired to work as accommodators, in ticket offices and other spaces that belong to the City Council youth centre job bank.


Sustainable cities and communities
Make cities safer, more resilient and sustainable


- Bicycle parking points.
- Agreements with public transport.


Responsible production and consumption
Guarantee sustainable models of consumption and production


- Waste management with selective waste collection containers.
- Reusable glasses.
- Reuse of decoration materials and structures.


Climate action
Take urgent action to combat climate change and its effects


- Advertising banners free from plastic, ink or polluting chemicals.
- Paper reduction.
- Electric vehicle charging points. 


Alliances to achieve the SDGs
Revitalize the global alliance for sustainable development


-Transparency report.
-Diffusion of the SDGs.
-Promoting the sustainable transit of professionals, artists and audiences.

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