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 HEAL plough through the waters of indie rock, slowcore and distorted folk with a style all of their own. It is strength, it is delicacy, it is visceral emotion, it is originality. Their music is made up of hypnotic guitars, insistence on rhythms, solid constructions, distortion and, at the forefront, vocals with an irresistible personality. HEAL's songs feature completely natural developments that draw on countless influences.  


stage: Jazz Cava  (Limited capacity: 80 people)
day: September 15th 2023
hour: 21:45
price: 4€

name: Heal
genre: Indie rock, slowcore, folk

Laia Vehí: guitar and vocals

Dani Ambrosi: guitar

Edu Mató: bass guitar

Raúl Perez: drums


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