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Within Valencian popular music (cants de batre, peteneres, riberenques...) the great jewel of the crown is the cant d’estil ('song of style'). Related to other Mediterranean repertoires of oral tradition, like flamenco or the Aragonese jota, the cant d’estil requires of its interpreters an outstanding virtuous expressiveness, the command of vocal improvisation and the knowledge of numerous songs and varieties that form the corpus of the genre. The project of CARLES DÈNIA was born to revise, reinterpret and promote the Valencian cant d'estil, committing himself to a new aesthetics that grants him contemporariness but that maintains the essence and traditional music's fundamental characteristic features. To achieve it he has recovered the traditional 'serenader', he has observed the inheritance of the great singers and has written new texts that, with his voice, take impressive flight.


genre: Valencian popular music

Carles Dénia: voice, composition, arrangements, music direction
Cristóbal Rentero: bandurria, lute, guitar, dulzaina
Paco Lucas: lute, bandurria
Mario Mas: guitar
Carlos Pérez: percussion

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