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Ever since they débuted in 2013, the word promise tends to appear at some point or another in conversations about DA SOUZA. After publishing Futbol d’avantguarda (Famèlic, 2018), however, the Majorcans became one of the most futuristic Balearic bands, awarded with prizes Enderrock of Balearic Music for best album according to critics, and the Ciutat de Palma of music. Their new work, to be published in early 2020, once again promises surprises in both sound and approach. A band with impeccable taste and an extraordinary talent for melody.


name: DA SOUZA
genre: Pop


Lluís Cabot: voice and guitar

Xavier Hernández: guitar and voice

Biel Stela: bass

Guillem Portell: percussion, saxophone and piano

Àngel Garau: drums


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