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Retrospective of the variety of genres and generations that have marked thes three decades of MMVV with the voices that have played through it: the open and transnational folk of Miquel Gil; the profession and demand of the flamenco of Chicuelo; the depth and clairvoyance of pop of David Carabén; the determination and freedom in the fusion of Marinah; the precision and depth of Andrea Motis’s jazz; the confluences and harmony of the numbers of Lluís Gavaldà; the roots and respect for tradition of Kiki Morente; the emotion and exploration of Alba Carmona’s own new project; the mastery and experience of Kepa Junkera’s trikitixa; the innovation and commitment of Mercedes Peón or the personality and curiosity without truce of Núria Graham. All these performers will be accompanied by Jaume Manresa (Antònia Font). It will be presente by Natza Farré from a script written with Oriol de Balanzó. 



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