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Smoking Souls take a big step. Melodies that point to emotions. Guitars that break the walls of disappointment. Letters that reconstruct the epic from day to day. Representatives of a generation of young people who since exploring the hidden territories of music have explored. Young people grew up in the times of uncertainty but they have learned to win it by themselves. They have sucked on the landscapes of his Marina Alta. The land where a good part of the music scene of the Valencian Country has germinated. Their directs are a test. Authenticity, humility and honesty in capital letters. And pure adrenaline. Some sensations that have come from mouth to ear until they become an emerging reference of our music. Learning and growing every day. Because they are they: Smoking Souls.        



Carlos Caselles: guitar and voice

Pau Camps: guitar and choirs
Josep Bolufer: Drums
Marc Miralles: Bass


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