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The Big Band Basket Beat Barcelona presents "Basket Beat, un nosaltres abans que un jo", a show that results from collaboration and meeting people. The finding of a young man who turns the basketball into an instrument for making music in a group is presented. A tragicomic story between reality and fiction that rises to the scene the conflicts that arise between our interests and those of others in this society of immediacy, image and disproportion. Voices, percussions, keyboards, wind instruments and a surprising tubophone dress the fast-paced and corporal rhythm of the balls that only want to review the role of our institutions and, above all, celebrate that education, culture and the responsibility of making a world better belongs to us all.  



Josep M. Aragay: ball and melodic 

Alba Atcher: flauta travessera
Berta Baliu: ball
Marina de la Maza: ball, flute and keyboards
Oumayma El Hichou: ball and voice
Anamí Freitas: ball, voice and ball
María Gómez: sax
Rubén Gómez: ball


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