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GUILLEM ROMA pre-débuts a new recording work where he intends to come at the songs in a different way, with influences of the Latin American music, bolero or Mediterranean sounds, and an original personality that has consolidated him in the musical panorama of our country. In this new show he explores the limits of songs through a process of unrecognizable transformations from his own repertoire. An original, chancy and fresh proposal with a participative staging that will make one deliberate on creativity, what is new and what is old or what the essence of a song is, and, moreover, he will have deluxe guest artists! 



Guillem Roma: veu i guitarra

Pau Figueres: guitarra espanyola
Guillem Plana: guitarra espanyola i veus
Marta Roma: violoncel i veus
Miquel Sospedra: baix
Didak Fernández: percussió
+ artistes convidats:
Alessio Arena
Alba Carmona


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