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Dr. Calypso doesn’t need any presentation. but that they need a good farewell. After 30 years on stage, they decided to take their foot off the accelerator. As a group of folkloric roots, they separate because they don’t become dinosaurs, so prepare the maracas, the sunglasses and a clean change because this celebration will be the last. The farewell will take you all over Catalonia, drawing the longest conga that Google Maps has ever seen, and it will be happy. There is no other option: 30 years fighting against a world without color deserve a final celebration.      



Sergi Monlleó - Voice

Luis Lopez - Voice
Lluis Bluesule - Drums
Iñaki Alvarez - Bass
Jordi Cerrajero - Guitar
Fernando Poza - Guitar
Pablo Quiroga - Keyboards
ENRC Grade - Trombone
Ferran Suñé - Saxo
Leo Torres - Trumpet


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