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Zenit (The zenith) is the highest point, the culmination of something. GOSSOS feel at the zenith of their life, like the rest of their generation. In their twelfth studio album they review many moments of their process; the songs they have made over time, combined together, give a broader and more solid view of the whole. Melodies and vocals galore, the wood of the acoustic and metal of the electric with doses of electronic and keyboards like never before.
From the zenith they see life with a certain distance and optimism, and keen to walk on the other side of the road, they are reinventing themselves, flowing down the river that accompanies them, very clear that what is to come will be different. They want to continue composing a soundtrack to accompany the moments of life of so many people they have found along the way, as a generation demanding to be where it corresponds; from the strength of the zenith.
The tour that will accompany this new album will be more energetic and fresh, ideal for returning to large stages nearly two years after the successful, original, and more intimate 22 tour, which has served to restore bodily contact with their audience.


name: GOSSOS


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