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This group could be your life; for many youths of the eighties it was certainly theirs. BRIGHTON 64 became the best band to emerge from the ranks of the mods: inspiring, energetic, vibrant, fierce. They had the best songs and most colourful gear, the most memorable lyrics and the loftiest vision: taking elements from the past to create something new. There is no one like them left any more in Barcelona, but fortunately Fotos del ayer (1982-1987) (BCore Disc, 2014), the definitive compilation of BRIGHTON64 has appeared, coordinated by the writer Kiko Amat –fan of the group since he was fourteen– with the help of BCore and brothers Albert and Ricky Gil. Material from the band had been collected previously, but not the same quality: this album has the best cover, the best selection (songs in possession of EMI not appearing on previous selections have been recovered; all from the 12 inch La casa de la bomba and from the second album, El problema es la edad). Also included is a booklet with various texts by illustrious fans (Alex Cooper, Miqui Otero, Carlos Zanón, Miqui Puig, Felipe and many others) and a luxurious interior sleeve. It is the ultimate BRIGHTON 64 document; nothing less.


name: BRIGHTON 64
genre: Pop
Ricky Gil: baix i veu 
Albert Gil: guitarra i veus 
Jordi Fontich: teclats
Andreu Verdú: bateria

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