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LA 33

With a career of over a decade, more than sixty thousand albums sold and nearly two thousand appearances in the five continents, LA-33 has become one of the most influential Colombian orchestras of the international salsa scene. LA-33 was created in 2001 when brothers Sergio and Santiago Mejía gathered a group of musicians to form a salsa orchestra. Interestingly, those who took up the call were not salsa performers but were influenced by urban rhythms like rock, jazz and reggae. This blend of sounds has been the very essence of the band since then. Their fourth album, Tumbando por ahí (self-published, 2013), shows the musical maturity of the orchestra, and this time the sound of classic salsa of the seventies prevails in its purest essence.


name: LA 33
genre: Urban salsa
David Cantillo: veu 
Felipe Cárdenas: saxo 
Guillermo Celis: veu 
Juan David Fernández: timbal 
Pablo Martinez: veu 
Sergio Mejía: baix i direcció 
Santiago Mejía: piano 
Roland Nieto: trompeta 
Alejandro Pérez: congues 
Vladimir Romero: trombó 
Diego Sánchez: bongos 
José Miguel Vega: trombó  


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