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THE MAMZELLES are Paula Malia, Paula Ribó and Bàrbara Mestanza, three sincere, seductive and original, shameless young women. Wherever they go they generate an explosion of creativity that leaves no one indifferent. They met studying dramatic arts at the Eòlia school in Barcelona, hometown of all three, and two years later decided to continue pursuing their acting studies at the Institut del Teatre. Their music project arose unexpectedly in 2010. After the success of their first album, Que se desnude otra (DiscMedi, 2010), they are presenting their second eagerly awaited new work in the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic.


genre: Alternativa
Bàrbara Mestanza: veu 
Paula Ribó: veu i guitarra
Paula Malia: veu
Roger Pi: bateria 
Carlos Rivero: baix 
Raúl Juan Garcia: guitarra


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