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Active since the last decade of the twentieth century, Marc Fonktana, Weleló and Sr Zambrana are three MCs, musicians, songwriters, composers, producers and essential collaborators who have contributed to forming the most groove hip-hop scene in Spanish. Taking advantage of the inertia their talent affords, HOMBRES BALA (human cannon balls) shoot directly at the senses, keeping nothing in reserve, in a first EP nurtured with funk, jazz, soul, personality, humour and originality. The attitude endowing the band is essential, and harmonizes the canvas on which the vocals can shine. The embryo was developed copying all kinds of prior collaborations in the studio and live performances, and the result is compelling themes, of exquisite quality. Live is where they surpass all expectations and give a new dimension to their creations with solid and compact staging.


genre: Hip-hop
Charlie Cuevas: baix
Enric 'Billie Boy' Vilalta: guitarra
Siso Buesule: bateria
Edu Martínez: teclat
Vidal Locubiche 'Flash': percussions
Guillermo Forero 'Flowtizta': flauta travessera
Chalart 58: percussió a "Latina"
Marc Fonktana, Sr Zambrana i Weleló: veus


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