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BONGO BOTRAKO return with the most powerful live performance ever, after six years, two albums and four hundred concerts in twelve countries. The We Want Tour 2014 is the tour that consolidates the group from Tarragona as one of the most promising bands in the peninsula and the rest of Europe. Amid rock, ska and reggae, it goes beyond authenticity and devotion for a loyal public that is growing exponentially. Their lyrics, message and commitment to the social causes of citizens go beyond the strictly musical; they are not a group like others nor do they intend to be. The band led by Uri is preparing a new show which will contain numbers from their two albums, that far from relaxing, charge an overwhelming and amazing repertoire with adrenaline.


genre: Parranda punk
David Garcia: baix
Jordi Robert 'Gorka': bateria
Ignacio Pascual 'Nacho': guitarra 
Oriol Gine 'Uri': veu i guitarra
Oscar Gómez 'Hueskar': saxo
Xavier Barrero 'Barrero': trompeta
Xavier Vallverdú 'Vallver': teclats


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