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After the success of Contra todo pronóstico, Joan Colomo presents his second album, Producto interior bruto. Vol. 1. The slim boy who, gripping his guitar, can sing like an angel or put on a taverner’s voice to make the good-looking lasses fall in love or scare devils and impertinent lads, presents twelve new numbers of magical melodies to dazzle beasts, children and subscribers of Rockdelux. With the pull of the biggest swindlers, from the Shins or Devendra Banhart to Pink Floyd, he composes rhymes about the banality of evil and capital, always caught looking for the appropriate rhyme, always with a thousand melodies to whet the palate of the brain. Buy the tickets for this show by pressing here.


genre: Folk-rock /protest song
Daniel Farran bateria
Joan Colomo veu i guitarra
Xavi Garcia baix
Guillem Caballero teclats i veus  


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