Live at Home is the title of the long-awaited second album of drummer MARC AYZA with his current band, a work with new compositions written in the same spirit that captivated audiences and critics four years ago when he published the revolutionary Offering (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2008). As on that occasion, groove, jazz, soul and hip-hop come together in a kind of collective celebration in which the magnetic pulse of the drum unites with the poignant poetry of Core Rhythm MC, where the turntables of DJ Helios mix with the torrential register of the pianist Mas, and the strings of double bassist Warburton signal the lysergic beats of this joint proposal.


genre: Jazz / hip-hop
Marc Ayza bateria i Core Rhythm MC
Roger Mas piano i teclat
Tom Warburton contrabaix 
Dj Helios plats


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