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After more thanthirteen yearstouringthe bestcabins of Spainandaround the world(from London to NewYorkviaTokyoand Cairo), DJ2D2 has begun toshake dance floors witha showwhereaudio and videogohand in hand.It was alogical step, consideringthat DavidPeréz(his real name) studiedimageand has doneseveral jobsas a graphic designer. Withonlytwo turntables andthanks tomodernsoftware, thisrenownedDJmixesvideo clips,excerpts fromfilms andseries andimages createdespeciallyfor the occasionthatcaptivatethe sensesof the audience.Aninnovative experiencein whichDJ2D2showshis talentin an almostunexplored field 


name: DJ2D2
genre: Eclectic

 David Pérez DJ 


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