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Bearers of the new European current. The intention at the time of giving life to this new project is to pose no limit: Chacho BRODAS are free. The aim is to do hip-hop with whatever you have on hand and surprise with the way of transmitting it. For the album début, Griffi had the help of Lil Trappy (aka Mbaka), Tremendo, Quiroga, Tote King, Aqeel, P. Brava, Shotta, Mala Rodriguez and Gordo Master. In their latest album, Date cuenta, they consolidate themselves as a stable and consistent group with the "usual suspects", at the same time they have a couple of new sign-ups on the label: the Matador Rockers, who will bring fresh vitality to the domestic market and the explosive Anqui. The assignment is to continue bringing fresh rhythms and avant-garde styles without limits. Once again Griffi stands out among the other producers and provides a new concept of live hip-hop that is much more dynamic, and gives greater prominence to the bases and the MPC over classic beats on vinyl. 


genre: Hip-hop, funk
Griffi DJ
Mbaka MC
Tremendo MC
Aqeel MC 
Anqui MC 


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