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Elan Swan, Fyahbwoy, appeared in early 2006 with five tracks from the demo Ni Chance Ni Try (Cobra Studio / Musigrama, 2006). Despite being only a demo, in a matter of months it became one of the most downloaded works of dancehall in the country, and achieved a great impact in the media with the clips "Nuh Real Shotta" and "Alianza No Trata" (Producciones Bajocero, 2006). Swan has played a lot of fiesta scenarios, concerts and some of the most important festivals in the country. With several international performances in his career, especially in Europe and Latin America, many are awaiting news of this well-known singjay. In 2008 began the creation of SWAN’s first Long Play, Innadiflames, and the publication of the record in 2009 coupled with the presence in several of the most important festivals in the country ended up placing him as one of the strongest alternatives of the national dancehall. Currently he is continuing to tour and preparing a new album for 2011. 


genre: Dancehall, reggae

 Swan - MC


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