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Drum Dreams is a percussion show that integrates musical elements from all over the world. African drums, Latin and Brazilian percussion, didgeridoos, hangs, gongs, Tibetan bowls, marimbas, vibraphones and keyboards create a miscellany of sound and rhythmic possibilities that invite the viewer to enjoy an exceptional journey to the roots of the music from an innovative look: the communication of the 21st century. From the force of the drum to the subtlety of the ‘crotal’; from maximum sound to silence that beats; from the corporeal to that which is intangible, spiritual. A polyhedral journey where sound and image are the maximum inspiration.


genre: Percussion

Tamir Jordi Satorra : djembe, cuencos, udú, darbuka
Alberto Cabello : dumdums, batás, pailes
Víctor Carol : didgeridoo
Mame Diara : voice, djembe, tambourine, metalófon
Marc Pons : pailes
David Hidalgo :drums
Albert Cantón : congas


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