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Roots&Routes International network, operating in 10+ European countries, promotes cultural and social diversity in contemporary performing arts and media. At MMVV 2010, in collaboration with XenoMedia-LMI-Mugak in Barcelona,we present two projects: Art’n’Go. New Routes to Intercultural Creativity, coordinated by Sziget Festival Budapest and Fabbrica Europa Firenze with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union, and Masterclass, coordinated by R&R International with the support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union. In creative residencies throughout Europe, Art’n’Go develops into sustainable interdisciplinary productions, and presents a cluster of seven original creative works on the common theme of “(self)consciousness” in mainstream festivals, conceived of and produced by a group of 40 young talented musicians, dancers and media makers from Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, France, Belgium, Greece, Romania, the Netherlands and the UK. In the Masterclass project, another 22 young artists of the R&R International community under the artistic direction of Tanisjah Matthews (UK) have developed the production Funkin’ Circus, with the aim of expanding the R&R experience as a lifestyle. The performance will be presented for the first time in Vic, and then in Rotterdam and London and across the world.


name: ART'N'GO
genre: music, dance, audiovisual


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