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Enderrocar el mur (Demolish the wall) Production of the Pyrenees South Festival of Huesca and the Boulevard Festival of Casablanca (Morocco) In the year that commemorates the 400th anniversary of the expulsion of the Spanish people of Muslim origin, the Aragonese musicians of Biella Nuei and five young Moroccan musicians from Casablanca join forces to overcome the wall of oblivion and incomprehension. Based on shared rhythms, music and instruments, they surprise us with a repertoire halfway between tradition and the avant-garde. The aim is to establish professional and cultural links through an artistic project that enables the reality of the musical, visual and plastic arts of Morocco and Spain to be brought closer together and shared. All together –Mudejars and Berbers- it is an excuse for us to celebrate the possible encounters and relationships (past and, why not, present) between the melodies of the Maghreb and one of the most important centres of the old march of Al-Andalus, Zaragoza. Players: Hicham Bajjou, Oum, Foulane, Bouhcin, Khalid el Berkaoui, Dj Mood, Luis Miguel Bajén, Nacho Estévez, Eduardo García, José Luis Seguer, Toto Sobiesky, Jorge Álvarez, Inma Carné, Rafa García Hermoso i Javier Paxariño


genre: World music

Luis Miguel Bajén: traditional percusion , singing, artistic direction
José Luis Seguer “Fletes”: drums, base rítmica
Nacho Estévez “el Niño”: guitarra española, laúd
Javier Paxariño: Saxo tenor, bansuri, ney, saxelo
Toto Sobiesky: bajo
Eduardo García: acordeón, keyboards
Oum: singing
Foulane Bouhcin: rebbab, loutar, taloutart
Khalid El Berkaoui: traditional percusions
Hicham Bajjou: canto, guembri, qraqeb
Badre Belhachemi : Mood DJ


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