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Singing with talent, guitarist, composer and great dancer, SAINTRICK works the notes, the choreographies and the texts thoroughly to enrich his show, true symbiosis of Senegalese and Congolese rhythms. Yeketi (Cyriaque Bassoka Productions, 2002) is his latest record. Together with his band, LES TCHIELLY, SAINTRICK is the best example of the fusion of sound in Western and Central Africa. Congolese percussion, from n’goma to tama; guitar and keyboards with rhythmic mbalax sounds; singing in wòlof or Congolese... SAINTRICK & LES TCHIELLY sing and dance to their land of reception and to those who led them to leave their native land, to express friendship, peace, respect and the rights of man in face of violence.


genre: yeketi, rumbalax

Patrick Mayitoukou ‘Saintrick’ veu i guitarra
Blanche Songo ‘Sassy’ veus i dansa
Valdiodio Kandji ‘Wali’ baix
Sylvain Louhemba percussions i veus
Papa Amadou Seck ‘Papis’ teclats


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