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RAUXA present their third record, Dins d’una peixera (Música Global, 2010),  a work that reaffirms their project of Catalan rumba-fusion, that has roots in its origins and that takes to us to a new dimension. This is undoubtedly the most personal record of the group in their seven years of career. On stage they continue with the binges and happiness that characterize them.



name: RAUXA
genre: Rumba-fusion

Pipo Vidal baix
Jaume Ibars guitarra i veu
Gerard Borrell flauta travessera i veu
Alex Ramírez caixó i pailes
Lluís Salvador congues i bongos
Carles Galicia 'Rutu' bateria
Nico Martin teclats
Mariano Carrillo guitarra flamenca
David Pérez tècnic


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