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Creation and experimentation are the creative poles from which J4F generate their music. Their style is based on powerful rhythmic bases articulated from the harmonic language of jazz, in the service of original compositions of rhythms of every type, atmospheric, looped, with surprising turns, which refer to multiple worlds of sound: Funk, Latin, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Brazil, Flamenco, Asian, African... A true "everything is allowed" hardly classifiable, but which its 4 authors have baptized as World Groove. BUY THE TICKET FOR THIS PERFORMANCE PRESSING: Here


name: J4F (JUST4FUN)
genre: World groove

Esther Ambròs ‘Ishtar’ veu i djembé
Joël Sempere ‘LaiQo’ saxos tenor i baríton, ewi, veus, beat box i sàmpler
Albert Míguez ‘Al Bert’ teclat, baix i veus
Ermengol Mayol ‘Ermen’ bateria i veus


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