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Angular, distorted, disturbing and convulsive. CHIN YI’s style is dark and alarmist, at the same time as theatrical and clowning. A sonorous, experimental and sinister dramaturgy that arises from the mixture between rock, circus-cabaret, electronic and punk. Flamboyant winners of the Proyecto Demo 2010 (following the steps of previous winners like El Columpio Asesino o We Are Standard), this summer they have been present on the poster of FIB Heineken in Benicassim and in concerts on Radio 3 and La 2 of TVE. They have self-published two demos and two LPs, Mei (2007) and Tai (2008).


name: CHIN YI
genre: Post punk, no wave, kraut rock

Pablo Medina veu

Francis Más bateria

Enrique Castillo teclats, sàmplers i sintetitzador

Óscar Pérez guitarra

Juanjo Martínez baix


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