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Active since 2007, this septet proposes an exciting challenge to us: to build a communication bridge between flamenco and bossa nova. It is a risky bet, since there are two musicians in which the role of the guitar is very relevant and the melodic treatments developed with the instrument are very special. But the energy that the components of SARAVACALÉ put into it impels them to overcome the possible obstacles that can always arise in such unions. They are musicians of different origins and influences, but they have visualized this project as the path to make into reality a work of encounter and knowledge among languages, subjects, harmonies and rhythms, either from own compositions in which flamenco and Brazilian elements converge or from the “flamencoed” revision of classics of bossa nova like “Berimbau” or “Canto de Ossanha”.


genre: Samba, bossa nova and flamenco

Carolina Delleva: voice
Irene Atienza: voice
Darío Campos: guitar
Juan Manuel Moreno: piano
Valquiria Plaza:brazilian percussion
Pablo Campos: flamenco percussion
Daniel Matos: bass

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