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Tuesday, May 12th 2020

The Mercat de Música Viva de Vic is preparing its 32nd edition with performances and digital content as its professional activity.

Due to the current circumstancescausedby the COVID-19pandemic, the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (MMVV) has decided that the activities aimed exclusively at professionals in the sector will be organized through an extensive program of virtual content, which will enhance the viewing of new projects,as well as the contact between sellers and buyers. These activities will be combined with online performances – pre-recorded exclusively by the Market itself – for the public and professionals, as well as with some face-to-face concerts, which will be adapted to the regulations in force in September.

The activities aimed at professionals, which will take place from Monday to Friday, will be structured mainly around three axes:

1. Concerts recorded exclusively by the MMVV in HD and performed with various cameras, which can be viewed – with free access – through the web and the YouTube channel, and which will be premieres. These will be promotional material that the groups and performing artists will also have available for later use.

2. Pitches, by which the companies of the sector will be able to present, via video, theofferings and new materialin their catalogs, and whichaccredited professionalswill be able to consult in the web area of the Market.

3. Webinars will combine large-format sessions with content of interest to a wide sector of the music industry, along with more segmented ones, where you can interact smoothly with participants, in line with the successful speed-meeting sessions of recent years.

There will also be other complementary activities to make this special edition useful for promoting and providing business tools to the live-music industry. To this end, this year’s professional accreditations will be free. To access the content that to be broadcast, all you’ll have to do is register for this year’s edition, through the Mercat website.

As for live concerts, at the moment it is not possible to specify in which venues they will be held, nor under what conditions of capacity and sanitary measures, but everything indicates that they will be offered atseveral points around the city. They will be scheduled later, depending on the decontamination phase Vic is in come September. Other activitiesto celebrate music are also planned, to be detailed in due course, and the public will be welcome to participate.

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