36th Mercat de Música Viva de VicFrom 18th to 21st September 2024


MMVV 2024

Coming soon

MMVV 2023


13th, 14th, 15th and 16th of September 2023

35th Edition of MMVV


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: from 10th to 18th

Saturday: from 12h to 14th


The MMVV PRO Catalan Arts! takes place in l’Atlàntida Theatre. https://goo.gl/maps/2mgzbrbaWuSDwfKu9

Joaquim Maideu Auditorium Hall: speed meetings

Atlàntida Gardens Marquee: professional pitchings

Music school: associations meetings


Unipersonal. Register through the following link: www.mmvv.cat/en/login


  • First accreditation: 85€ (tax included) - (40€ for associations and organisations in agreement with MMVV)
  • Other accreditations from the same company: 40€ (tax included)

The accreditation includes:

  • Insertion in the fair catalogue
  • Access to the enrolment list in the MMVV website
  • Registration to speed meetings
  • Registration to professional pitchings and day concerts
  • Access to the rest of activities
  • Access to all the payment shows

Professional Activity

This professional market has been designed to be an effective meeting point of all the sectors in the music industry. It aims to promote commercial development, both knowledge and experiences exchange as well as the creation of business activity.

At a national level, Vic is the platform where Spanish Regions (Autonomic Communities) present new musical projects, create synergies and generate spaces of cooperation and Exchange.

In this new edition, the MMVV will host nearly 100 professionals from all over the world, specially from Italy, who is the current special guest. 

The professional activity is structured as follows: 

1. Live Showcases addressed to professionals, which will take place at the Theatre, Auditorium, l'Atlantida Marquee, Jazz Cava and Casino de Vic. 

2. Pitchings, brief presentations of artistic proposals to be booked by the different programmers attending the fair.

3. Working sessions, private meetings of members of the different sectors of the music industry, presentations aimed to certain targeted groups, as well of annual member-meetings of associations and other collectives.

4. Speed meetings: quick interviews (10 minutes) between managers, bookers and programmers attending the fair.

5. Sectorial meetings of professionals from the music industry both Catalan and international.

6. Project Link: a group of experienced local programmers, who have been participating in the MMVV for many years, will advise and walk recently incorporated local technicians to their first experience at the MMVV. In this current edition, there are two afternoon sessions to accompany young companies who visit MMVV for the first time.

Stages and capaciy:

MMVV PRO Catalan Arts! Stages:

  • Theatre R, Montanyà – l’Atlàntida: 900
  • Auditorium J. Maideu - Atlàntida: 320
  • Sala 3 J. Anglada: 100
  • Atlàntida Markee: 750
  • Jazz Cava Stage: 100


  • El Sucre stage: 10.000 (exterior stage with free entry)
  • Plaça Major stage: 5.000 (exterior stage with free entry)
  • Casino stage: 160
  • Off stage:
  • Plaça Màrtirs stage: 650 (exterior stage with free entry)