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Present and future of the Catalan music scene, the band from Calafell is already one of the festive groups of reference in the Catalan Countries. They have a faithful audience that surpasses 150,000 followers in their main networks, and more than 4,500,000 views of the video clip, “Volcans” endorse them. Their latest album, La gran vida (Música Global, 2018), has remained unbeatable at the top of the main success stories of radio format and is one of the most played in the Catalam scene on Spotify and YouTube. That is why they are habitually poster leaders at festivals and the most outstanding festivals of Catalonia.


name: BUHOS
genre: Pop Rock


Guilem Solé: voice

Jaume Nin: guitar

Joan Blazquez: drums

Ramon Regada: bass

Klaus Stronik: trumpet

Josep Contreras: saxophone

Pep Vila: piano



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