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 Orpheus XXI is a musical ensemble of a professional nature and made up of immigrant and refugee musicians from various countries, essentially of the Mediterranean. His musical proposal puts in value the music and traditions of countries as diverse as Armenia, Syria, Morocco or Kurdistan, among others. Music, all of them, with a common denominator, the emotion they emit, as well as the invitation to intercultural dialogue. Orpheus XXI is born from the homonymous social project that Jordi Savall, ambassador of the European Union for intercultural dialogue in 2008 and Artist for Peace chosen by UNESCO, began in 2016 with the objective of allowing the integration of professional musicians refugees and immigrants and to transmit their culture through an intercultural proposal of pedagogical, educational, recreational and creative action in favor of refugee and immigrant youth with a knowledge or musical talent capable of promoting integration and dialogue.      



Safi Alhafez: Oud (Syria)

Imad Amrah: Voice and percussion (Morocco)

Radwan Zahir: Voice and Lawtar (Morocco)

Leila Rabbits: Voice (Morocco)

Ali Aksoy: Percussion (Turkey)

Shahid Jehad: Voice (Syria)

Dina Berchak: Voice (Catalonia)

Ariana Soledad: Violin (Venezuela)

Georgi Dimitrov: Qanun (Bulgaria)

Chorouk Elkawab: Voice (Egypt)

Khaled Khateb: Percussion (Syria)


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