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 The job of violinist demands to be very clear about Itzhak Perlman's maxim: "What is learned slowly, is slowly forgotten". Maybe that's why Sara Fontán has waited until now to act alone, after 25 years of living with the violin and exploring its possibilities in all kinds of styles and formats, from classical music to experimental rock, passing through electronics and Dance. It may seem like a paradox, but Fontán says he improvises because improvisation forces him to specify. His violin, amplified, looped and passed by dozens of effects, has the talent to thrill through abstraction, without thematic or stylistic references, granting the viewer the freedom to interpret and feel it in a personal and unique way. In her year and a half of career and with the premise of not recording albums, only showing her music in lives, Sara Fontán has performed at festivals in Spain, Portugal, Finland and Germany.  



 Sara Fontán: violin

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