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 Roba Estesa is a band of festive and combative music born in 2011. Based in Camp de Tarragona, the group is formed by Helena Bantulà (electric guitar), Clara Colom (accordion and voice), Clàudia Garcia-Albea (violin), Alba Magriñà (drums), Neus Pagès (guitar and voice), Gemma Polo (voice) and Anna Sardà (bass). Since 2017, they also have Sandra Brake, a sign language player that is actively involved during their lives. Roba Estesa blends urban and festive music with instrumentation and folk melodies. In the textual field, they investigate how to speak of everyday contradictions based on a theoretical framework that links their experiences from the critical spirit: feminism.  



Gemma Polo: voice

Clara Colom: accordion
Claudia Garcia-Albea: violin
Alba Magriñà: drums
Helena Bantulà: guitar
Anna Sardà: bass
Neus Pagès: guitar
Sandra Brake: sign language


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