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Paula Valls presents I AM (Satellite K, 2018), her first long-term work, produced by David Soler. A more intimate and nude work where the silences also speak, in a different register than their impressive EP debut Black and White, (RGB Suports, 2016). I AM could have come straight from the United States: black music (soul, blues and jazz) and more American folk are intertwined with the key influence that producer Joe Henry's style has had on Paula since childhood, in a recording made with a clear organic intention. Throughout the process she has surrounded herself with a team that has accompanied her while making her own path, and the result has been a live, square album that drinks from the spontaneity and improvisation in the studio, where the songs have set the standards, where authenticity has prevailed over perfection, as in a live show. On the I AM tour, Paula Valls (vocals, compositions) will be accompanied by David Soler (guitar and musical direction), Oriol Roca (drums), Miquel Sospedra (bass) and Daniel Ferrer (piano).      



Paula Valls, voice

David Soler, guitar
Oriol Roca, drums
Miquel Sospedra, bass
Daniel Ferrer, piano


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