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In 2014 all the members of the musical group El Desván del Duende, with the exception of the singer, decided to start a new project: DIVÁN DU DON.   It is a rebellious planet with guitars, rumba and a universe with its own language, with old songs and new ones, with undoubted desire to explode and flood every corner. In the new adventure they are accompanied by Paquillo Levita and the original goats inhabit: Miguel Vivas, Jorge Solana, Antonio Rumbakey, Lupe la Perla and Carlos Jerez. They are a mixture, fusion of the world of the street and the real world. The party, romanticism and fun are guaranteed with DIVÁN DU DON.   In 2015 they publish the album "Las cositas claras" and start their "Gira por la Sombra" reaching all corners of the peninsular geography. 



Miguel Vivas: guitar

Jorge Solana: guitar
Antonio Rumbakey: drums
Paquillo Levita: voice
Lupe la Perla: voice and percussion
Carlos Jerez: bass


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