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The fame of EPHEMERALS has grown steadily since they launched onto the scene with their début album, Nothing Is Easy (Jalapeno Records, 2014), acclaimed by the critics as Hype Machine # 1. They have established themselves both in the British Isles and on the continent with the combination of a tireless calendar of travel and prolific periods of writing completed by their third album, with renewed sound and direction. They are always unafraid of pushing their art to the limits. In this case they exude jazz, afrobeat and psychedelic, combined with soul and rhythm'n'blues that remain at the heart of the band. EPHEMERALS have always developed a narrative in their albums: in Nothing Is Easy they focused on life, in Chasin Ghosts (Jalapeno Records, 2015) on death, and in Egg Tooth (Jalapeno Records, 2017) they explore rebirth.  


genre: Soul


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