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This musical project was born with the multicultural spirit that characterizes Andalusia as a meeting point of cultures and traditions. The group, settled down in Seville for more than ten years, began to be a stable formation in 1992, but it was two years later when it began to record the first themes in a studio and they began to model the music and sounds that reached their ears in a constant game with fusion and with no more commitment than their own amusement. In 1994 they recorded their first album with the original title of Rare Folk, which supposed an interesting letter of presentation for the group and which gave them access to the cultural circuits of the province of Seville and some other skirmish far from Andalusia.


genre: Progresive folk

Rubén Diez de la Cortina: flute, irish flute, whistles
“Mangu” Díaz: mandolin, bouzouki, percussion, programmings
Marcos Munné: guitars
Pedro Silva: keyboards
Fernando Reina: drums
Óscar Valero: electric bass


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