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JUAN ZELADA's career began in London, where he became the opening act for Amy Winehouse's tour, Back to Black. In 2012 he released the single "Breakfast in Spitalfields," and soon after signed to Decca Records releasing his first album, High Ceilings & Collar Bones, and catching the attention of BBC London News, which described the artist as the 'One to Watch' of the year. His talent as a composer has led him to work with artists like Noisettes and receive an award from Paul McCartney on graduating from the Institute of Performing Arts in Liverpool. He is now part of the RENFE campaign Tu historia, tu canción with Bebe, and The Sound of Emotions by Audi, with Carlos Jean. Considered one of the most promising Nu soul musicians on the international scene, he is already working on his next album. It's a Girando Por Salas concert.


genre: Nu soul


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