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After five years of recording silence and the successful tour celebrating fifteen years of their career on stage, GERTRUDIS has decided to return with new songs. One of the foremost representatives of new Catalan rumba fusion with other styles like reggae, cumbia and Latin jazz they are back again with one of the most anticipated albums of its genre. They are the parents of current day groups like Txarango or La Pegatina, who collaborated on the 2015 version of "Samarreta d’imperi" one of their most popular songs. In the MMVV they exclusively première the songs on this new album and present their new live performance. The long career of GERTRUDIS has taken them to Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Canada ... and their albums have had the collaboration of Jarabe de Palo, La Cabra Mecánica, Flores Azules and Delafé among others. Songs of theirs like "Samarreta d’imperi", "Oye" or “Ara vinc d’enlloc” are already generational classics.


genre: Ruma, Mixed-race


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