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If you sympathise with the classics of contemporary popular music from here and there and you join it with the local Catalan imaginary mind-set, a little surrealism and a few touches of everyday life, the music of TRAU (group winner of Sona9 2014) must fall into your hands. Formed in the summer of 2012, the quartet was founded with the clear intention of trying to make great songs, navigating the influence of pop, rock and the psychedelic of the sixties and seventies, without losing sight of the current perspective. Since then they have devoted themselves to going around the Catalan geography to perform their music. They have participated in festivals like MMVV, the Minipop Festival, the Gambeat, the Popcèntric, the Acústica ... as well as modernist gatherings that have been held throughout the region.


name: TRAU
genre: Pop - Rock


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