MIGUEL CAMPELLO, singer in El Bicho, is going solo to take advantage of a break the group is having after ten years on the road and four albums, becoming one of the strongest and most original flamenco-rock cult bands of the last decade. Now, with the record Chatarrero, CAMPELLO takes a glimpse into a surreal inner world, bursting with worn out objects with a life of their own, out of place in the middle of the countryside and under the sky. Among shabby encyclopaedias and dolls impregnated with memories, Chatarrero shortens and lengthens time with rhythms and groove from another planet, chairs and fridges that conserve the spirit of past epochs, when the things that were created were not for use and disposal, and both art and life were less ephemeral.


genre: Flamenc, fusió, pop
Miguel Campello: voice and percusion
Luis Valero: drum
Carlos Agullo: bass
Pepe Andreu: trumpet
Juan Carlos Aracil: flaute
Victor Iniesta: electric guitar
Eduardo Espín: guitarra flamenca 


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