PISTOLA is the solo project of Roger Pasqual, a Mallorca musician with extensive experience on stage. Having formed part of several groups, both on the island (Kard's Piken) and the peninsula (See) and having worked with artists like Ivette Nadal or Joan Bibiloni, he is now embarking on a new personal journey, a true exercise of introspection, not at all pretentious, showing himself to be a singer-songwriter with soul, with a very characteristic way of composing, playing and singing. Perdo?, pero? (self-released, 2013) was his début album, and now he has just released his second solo album, A punt i a part (Velomar Records, 2015).


genre: Pop, songrwriter
Roger Pistola: voice and acustic guitar
Pau Figueres: acustic and electric guitar and voice
Jorra Santiago: bass and voice
Toni Llull: drum and voice


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