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BLAUMUT’s new album, El primer arbre del bosc (“The first tree of the wood”, self-released, 2015) is an invitation to an inner journe; intense and full of emotional turmoil and feelings that entice us into the forest. Be brave. Be carried away with the wind. If you enter, you’ll no longer want to leave. This new album, with more production and depth than before, submerges us in a sea of highly sensitive emotions. The first single from the album, " El primer arbre del bosc ", which also gives its name to the album, begins with powerful drumming that marks the rhythm of a captivating theme. Like looking into a mirror and rediscovering the face you see in few moments of the day.


genre: Pop
Xavier de la Iglesia: voice and guitar
Vassil Lambrinov: violin
Manel Pedrós: drums
Oriol Aymant: violoncel
Manuel Karpovickas: acustic and electric bass 


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